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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action!!.. *Snap*

So sorry for saying sorry for being away again lol...I don't know what's wrong with me anymore..Okay for the next week I vow to make a post a day..to get me back into the blogging spirit..and then maybe just maybe I can keep up with you all the way I truly want to once again. I really miss sharing, talking, and rambling about all of my quirky little shoe finds...and clothes too! ...And now that I have a brand new camera I can really share much more with you than I ever could have before....For those of you who don't know: I haven't had a camera since Hurricane Irene hit last year..Unfortunately my camera was in  my car when it was totalled by the storm.

Here are some photographs of the damage of Hurricane Irene's wrath ....This Hurricane totalled 4 cars on my block (2 of them belonging to my mom and I)..and 4 of our neighbors basements were completely flooded as well ..atleast 4 feet deep..Yeah I really hope that I never see a Hurricane like this ever again.

But now I finally have a new camera...the Sony NEX 5 and I love it so far!! The quality of the photos are amazing! It's the best camera I've ever owned..and I love all of the features it has on it as well....but I've just been having one recurring issue with it ..the screen keeps freezing! >=( ...SO I had to go and exchange for another camera. I got the same one again so lets hope that my Sony NEX 5 (# 2) won't have the same issues as the first..otherwise I'll be heartbroken! Seriously, lol.

My beautiful Sony NEX 5

So of course now that I have a new camera and don't have to rely on my silly outdated borrowed point and shoot that my aunt lended me during my camera crisis...I will be sharing a lot more photos with you! And the quality will be a lot better as well.....I may even start shooting some vids too! Whatcha think about that? 

...So of course I've been taking a shhhhh-load of pictures with my new camera...let's take a looksie!

My beautiful baby girl, Madison October....but she'll quickly tell you call me "Madi" lol..

My big girl and I..I still can't believe how fast she's growing up..

Yesssss check that outfit..dress from Urban Outfitters//nude tights//Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike shoes.........Oh and new hair too..I can never remember the brand but if anyone really wants to know I'll find out for you.

Lovers, I formally introduce you to my beautiful mini family..Meet love of my life Mel and my little mini me.. 

Playing around with my new baby, my NEX 5

Shoes of the day..were my Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spikes..... 

It just dawned on me that this is my first post ever on this blog where I've actually shared my family with you lol..I hadn't even noticed that until now...some of you may not have even known that I'm a mom...but yes I am a very SUPER proud mommy of that beautiful little monster in the first picture above..that's my little 3 year old terror lol..Her name is Madison October..and everyone usually asks "was she born in October?" ..the answer is No. lol..that's kind of a silly thing to do..name a child after the month they were born in..just seems kind of thoughtless and non-creative to me..but to each it's own...But for Madison she was named after the month of October because it holds great sentimental value for both her father and I. We both have elders in our family who were either born or passed away in that month...not to mention my mother and Madison's father's birthday is the same day October 9th..crazy right?! lol..So hopefully as she gets older she'll love her middle name as much as I do..I know it's different..but I think it's beautiful :)...Another question I often get from the people who aren't too bashful to ask is if I'm still with her father? ..The answer is yes.. ..and he's my best friend and the love of my life. He's shown me what true love is and I'm truly blessed to have him in my life. ....and to have a guy that accepts and aids my shoe obsession! lol...but that's probably because he can relate to me..because even though he won't admit it ..he has a bit of a sneaker obsession. Maybe one day I'll do a shoe post for the gentleman featuring him and his crazy collection....Now I kind of feel like I'm interviewing myself..awkward moment, lol...But if you have any questions for me at all don't be afraid to ask =)

I might just start doing more outfit posts since I have my new camera to play around with! ...I've been asked how I style all of my crazy shoes anyways..so now you'll get to see.............

Well that's all for now lovers.............I'll be putting up another post tomorrow as promised!! So stay tuned!................. and thanks for reading this random post..I hope you enjoyed it!..

Good night..........(or Good Morning...depending where you are)...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dreamlist!!!!!!!! 4/13 ..Sexy Little Numbers

Hey lovers, don't crucify me for not having my Dreamlist up on time..I'm a day late and a dollar short but better late than NEVER =) .......I've been out running around most of the day but I wasn't going to let anything come in between me and this Dreamlist! :) :)

I have been looking forward to doing this Dreamlist ALL week! So although it's 3 am and I more than likely will finish up the Dreamlist when I wake up tomorrow..I am so happy to finally be putting this together to share with you all! I hope you're ready for the awesome-ness that's in store for you! Hopefully you'll love everything just as much as me........and I have some shoes other than JCs up on my list this week! yay!!!!

Abigail as shown on Bakers
Abigail as shown on Bakers
Abigail as shown on Bakers

So first up on my Dreamlist today is this sexy little lover, Abigail, from Bakers. I fell in love with this shoe a couple of weeks ago while visiting the Bakers store with my love but when I got home to check for it online I couldn't find it...well turns out I couldn't find it because I was looking in all the wrong places..they had moved it to the sale section and these shoes are a TOTAL STEAL..ringing in at only $59.99 I just might have to get this shoe in every color..especially being I can't pick which one I like best..The red swoons me and screams "wear me!" for a romantic evening out on the town..The purple is absolutely stunning, it will demand attention from all those lucky enough to set there eyes on it's alluring essence..And the champagne color is very beautiful as well, I can see this one adding that touch of class taking any outfit to an all new level. Platform, bow, SKY high heel, and satin..Oh yes I'm so head over heels for these lovers!! Are you drooling as much as me right now?? :) .....Get your pair TODAY over at Bakers! ...I LOVE JC!..but Bakers is always reliable for a GREAT shoe as well!! And for a great price!...I love myself a bargain! ;) 

The Lancer by Jeffrey Campbell as shown on Eilatan

I've been literally drooling over this shoe ever since I first set my eyes on it about a week ago! Ohhh Lancer darling ..I am in love with the multi-color spikes, the black suede, and that slightly curved heel. This shoe brings new meaning to FIERCE!...What more can I say? I am dying to have this little sexy lover in my possession......until that day I'll keep daydreaming....Always bringing you the best shoes first..Eilatan!

Maryse as shown on Bakers

Hello Lover! Let me introduce you to this little stunner, Maryse..Isn't she lovely?! I have a weakness for T-Strap closed toe pumps...I think I have a girl crush! lol...This lovely beauty is such a classic shoe..but what takes this shoe to the next level..is that beautiful coral color! Unfortunately this shoe is sold out in my size so it's not looking like my daydream of one day owning these will ever come true...but my fate doesn't have to be yours..if you're loving this shoe just as much as me don't hesitate to check them out at Bakers today!! They are ONLY $85.00! :)

Coraline by Messeca as shown on Karmaloop
Coraline by Messeca as shown on Karmaloop

Sleep all day..play all night!! These shoes are all fun!!...The Coraline by Messeca comes back this season with an all new look that's a sure winner for any girl ready to take the summer on!..I love that they made each strap a different color in that beautiful metallic variant. Personally, I like the Coraline in the top photo better...but both of them are extremely gorgeous!!..If you want to pick up these Coralines for yourselves..you can find them at Karmaloop..

This sexy shoe brings my Dreamlist today to an unwanted close... But I hope that you enjoyed all of the shoes that have me drooling this week..

What shoes are on your Dreamlist this week??


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Monday, April 9, 2012

Black Milk x JC Collection Obsession

Good Morning lovers!!!! Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know this day is supposed to be the most drab day of the week but it doesn't have to be..Mondays I try a little harder to be nicer, kinder, happier, brighter...not to say I'm not those things usually but Mondays are especially special to be that way because you can brighten up someone elses Monday Blues!

So lovers, these past couple of days the contest entries have been rolling in for my giveaway :) & ALL of the entries are great so far!! But not everyone has been emailing me with their name, age, and best contact email...this means if you are chosen as a winner..and I don't have that information..I won't be able to directly contact you to notify you that you are a Winner. Sending me this information is optional..However, it's the best way for me to contact the person who wins.. I love doing giveaways and if this one continues to go as great as it has been so far then I will definitely do some more giveaways in the future :) 

But today's post is not about Monday Blues or Contest updates.....It's a long overdue shoe update!! Today I will be sharing with you all the shoes that have been keeping me drooling over these past couple of weeks..Its sort of a dreamlist..but being it's not Thursday...I'd feel bad calling it so! LOL.

Ohhh but before I get into that I've been meaning to share with you this store I found...well that sort of found me actually.. it's in New Hope, Pa..the name is Thirteen Vintage (you can click here to check out their website) ..they actually found me on instagram and referred me to look at a couple of their JCs that they offer..and I'm in love! They have some really GREAT JCs and for reasonable prices..and being they have an actual store.. this month Ronifeelsnostalgic and I will try to get down there and check it out! And share with you all the goodies that they have! But so far I love it! Once I make my first purchase from them, I'll update you with another review on them :)

Sooo getting back on track..Let's begin!

If you haven't seen the next collection I'm going to share with you then where have you been hiding???????? ...This next collection is truly something I thought would have happened a long time ago BUT I am so HAPPY that it finally ...FINALLY.. did! Of course I am talking about the Black Milk x Jeffrey Campbell collaboration offered exclusively at Solestruck...If you're not familiar with Black Milk..it is a clothing company..their primary focus is leggings..and they have some really great ones! They also have a massive following of fans ..adoringly called sharkies..and that's all for my mini history lesson for today folks..Enough of my rambling...just take a look at this major epic-ness for yourself!!

Black Milk x Jeffrey Campbell 

BM Bone Machine Legging as shown on Black Milk
Bone Machine Back Off as shown on Solestruck

This is not my favorite from the Black Milk x Jeffrey Campbell duo but it is still a pretty awesome shoe! As you can see from the photo I posted above it they drew direct inspiration from Black Milk's bone machine leggings. You can pre-order this shoe from Solestruck now...also BM x JC will soon be releasing a Sick of Men Back Off and a Rainbow Galaxy Back Off..(you'll see the print for these 2 below)..

BM Rainbow Galaxy Leggings as shown on a proud owner
Rainbow Galaxy 99 TIE as shown on Solestruck

This little darling of a shoe is the 99 TIE. This style is a JC favorite..but hasn't been re-released in a new color recently so it's refreshing to see it back. The rainbow galaxy print is simply stunning on this shoe..and as you can see above the Black Milk rainbow galaxy leggings which inspiration was taken from..although similar in style..it is not an exact print match like the Bone Machine leggings above..or atleast it doesn't look like it to me lol...Available for pre-order at Solestruck now :) ..This will also be available in the bone machine print and the sick of men print soon.

BM Sick of Men leggings as shown on a proud owner
Sick of Men Lita as shown on Solestruck
This Lita is a bunch of fun! I love the comic strip print! It adds a certain fun and flair to the Lita in a way that only Black Milk could :) ..The specific comic strip that is on the Lita is 'Sick of Men' it is an actual comic strip that exists other than on the shoe and leggings shown above. Are you falling in love with this collection just as much as me? Or are these shoes a bit much for you?? If you do love this shoe as much as me you can pre-order it today at Solestruck...This Lita will also be available in the bone machine print and the rainbow galaxy print soon.

So these are the 3 prints that the Black Milk x Jeffrey Campbell collection consists of for now...but they do offer a couple more styles .........

Sick of Men Damsel as shown on Solestruck
Bone Machine Damsel as shown on Solestruck
Rainbow Galaxy Damsel as shown on Solestruck

I LOVE DAMSELS! I don't know why but I have a slight obsession with Damsels! The height and the comfort is incomparable to any other shoe I've ever owned. My favorite from the Damsels above though is the Rainbow Galaxy Damsel..this shoe is truly breathtakingly beautiful! I am so in love!! ..I can't say enough compliments about this shoe..I will definitely be moving this shoe from my dreamlist to my shopping cart very very soon :) ...pre-order your very own BM x JC damsels at Solestruck now :)

Rainbow Galaxy Night Lita as shown on Solestruck

Last but not least is this gorgeous simply stunning Rainbow Galaxy Night Lita....although I wasn't an initial fan of the night lita style..it's charm is growing on me..and especially with it adorning this beautiful print. I love that the bottom of this shoe looks like clouds..so you'd appear as if you're walking on air :) ..A truly beautifully made shoe..pre-order it now at Solestruck! This shoe will also be available in the bone machine print and the sick of men print soon.

All shoes shown are available for pre-order and will ship out to you on July 15th! Check out Solestruck to place your orders or for any other inquiries you may have about these shoes!



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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Contest Begins.......NOW!!

Hey lovers!!!  

Today I am officially opening a contest to give all of you a chance to win a pair of JCs!! 

Yes you read that right!! To show you my appreciation for all of your kind words, comments, support, and everything I've received from all of you on here, my fb fan page, and on instagram I have decided to open a contest.... I have been so moved by you all and you have inspired me more than you know..SO IT'S ONLY RIGHT THAT I GIVE YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO WIN A SHOE OFF OF YOUR OWN DREAMLIST :)

 SO ON TO THE FUN DETAILS YOU ALL ARE WAITING FOR :) ..................................

Lets start with the prizes!

One lucky girl will win a Jeffrey Campbell shoe of her choice..up to $200.00

& Another lucky girl will win a Gift Card to Nasty Gal for $100.00

So there will be 2 winners!!  ...DOUBLE THE OPPORTUNITY OF WINNING!

I wish I could have a million prizes so that all of you who enter could win...but unfortunately I don't :( 


4. THE CONTEST WILL BE OPEN FROM 4/6/2012-5/21/2012 




To win the Jeffrey Campbell Shoes OR Nasty Gal Gift Card
There will be multiple ways to enter as I don't want to exclude anyone....

1. Post a photo of you showcasing how you styled your Jeffrey Campbell shoes (or your other favorite pair of shoes)


2. Post a photo showcasing how you would style your Jeffrey Campbell shoes


3. Simply post a photo of your dream JC shoe with a statement of your choice.

***You can submit your photos 4 ways:f
by posting directly onto my Facebook Fan Page wall 
by sending the photo to me in a message on my Facebook Fan Page 
by sending me an email to PursuingDaydreams@yahoo.com 
by hashtagging #dreamlistcontest on instagram 

Please also be sure to send me an email (pursuingdaydreams@yahoo.com) with your name, age, and best contact email so that I will be able to notify you if you are the WINNER :)


BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL!!...........




Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hey loves, I am sooooo sorry for not keeping up with my blog as daily as I used to. I won't go on making a month's worth of excuses explaining my absence lol..I guess it just boils down to a mixture of procrastination, exhaustion, and an extremely busy work schedule....because of this I haven't even been able to shop much in these past 4 weeks! I am SO overdue for shopping that the NEXT time I shop you will definitely see an overhaul of A LOT of shoes that I've been wanting off of my dreamlist..but I promise to try and do better with keeping up with my blog again starting today! Sooo with that being said DREAMLIST THURSDAYS has OFFICIALLY returned! yay!! and this week I am primarily daydreaming about the Jeffrey Campbell classic!...THE LITA!...I haven't had too many Litas on any of my dreamlists so its only right to show some love to the shoe that initially brought my attention to the Jeffrey Campbell Brand.....

Sooooo here we go!.......

Black Distressed Leather Lita as shown on Solestruck

Okay now I know you're probably thinking...she's been gone for almost a month and with the first Dreamlist return the first shoe she posts is one that's been out for yearsssssss...or what's so special about this simple black lita??....Well I know how it may look...BUT I really do love this shoe..and it's a staple shoe that probably should've probably been my first JC purchase..but it's almost ALWAYS sold out. And now that it's back in stock I find myself daydreaming about the day that I'll have a black distressed leather Lita...this shoe is the Lita at it's best..simple, chic, beautiful, lovely, and every other quality that made you initially fall in love with the Lita!..I honestly don't think I can go on calling myself a JC girl without this lovely shoe in my collection.....if you want this shoe as much as me you can find it right over at one of my favorite shoe sites, Solestruck! :)

Lita Wood as shown on Solestruck

WHOA this shoe part of the reason why my Dreamlists exist! I'm having a major lady wood right now!! HAHAHAH..(lmao I always wanted to say that line, hehehe)... This shoe is soooooo freaking awesome! I've always loved wood details on shoes...so OF COURSE I love a shoe that has the wood print all over! This shoe speaks for itself..and it's one of those shoes that you'll either love or you'll hate..but the great thing about this shoe is I almost can't imagine one outfit that wouldn't go with this, okay I'm exaggerating I can imagine one but still this shoe is ah-may-ZING!...This shoe would definitely become one of my favorite staple shoes in my collection...I can't wait to do my shoe haul from Solestruck, I just hope these little lovers are around long enough for me to get em' :) .........

Nightwalk Bronze as shown on Eilatan

This shoe I fell in love with over a month ago when it was being offered at David Z but it quickly sold out...I thought it was an exclusive..so imagine my pure joy when I saw that it was being sold at Eilatan...I am SO HAPPY to have a second opportunity to purchase this shoe!! I can't wait to have these little lovers on my feet! Two styles I'll never tire of are the nightwalk and the Lita..I need every color!!!!!!!!!!! LoL...find these sexy lovers over at Eilatan.

Nightwalk Blue Suede as shown on Eilatan

BLUE!! ....Although it's not my favorite color, because that honor is reserved for PINK, I love how Blue simply OWNS this shoe, work!!.......& oh speaking of my favorite color pink I would probably cry tears of joy if they ever made a hot pink nightwalk..Yesssssss baby..someone some where I hope is reading this and suggests that to JC ;) .........but back to BLUE, It truly is an entrancing color...I feel caught up in its rapture and I'm simply in love :):) ........These little heart catchers are available at Eilatan...get em' now before they're all gone! ;)  ............btw am I the only one who briefly thinks of Beyonce every time I say the name Blue?? LOL.


Black on Black Suede as shown on Solestruck

This HOT LITTLE LOVER is one of the first shoes that caught my eye from the Jeffrey Campbell brand back when I didn't even know what awesomeness the Jeffrey Campbell brand even was....BUT it was sold out then which I think was in 2010..and it has been sold out ever since...well UNTIL about a week ago when Solestruck got it back in stock and made my heart skip a beat a day ever since as I hold my breath and set aside my money to have them delivered to my sweet little hands..I can't wait to get these shoes...It will truly be A DREAM COME TRUE :)
Black Milk x JC collaboration ...Galaxy Damsel

Sooooo for all of you who know me..know that my Galaxy Lita is one of my favorite go-to staple shoes of my JC collection! I love the Galaxy print...and I also love Black Milk!!....SO this collaboration brings the best of both to the BEST SHOE STYLE possibly ever for the print..the DAMSEL! This shoe is BETTER than my mere words could ever explain..so just let your eyes do the walking while your mind takes in the beauty above :).......... this bombshell will be available on Solestruck shortly..............the wait begins ...

Lita Black Suede with Gold Spikes as shown on Shop Akira

You may have seen this shoe before ....during it's 3 day sell out on Nordstrom.... I was one of those unlucky girls with a credit card in hand going to buy it when I saw those dreadful words SOLD OUT....I called them hoping they'd have awesome news of a restock date..but instead they said that they didn't plan on restocking them...and then I searched and searched and searched...and searched some more............and it was actually from me searching for this particular shoe that I found ALL of the great shoe sites that I've come to love.....BUT all of my efforts left me no where..The shoe was gone forever.....or so I thought....BUT 3 months later..it's back!!!.........And I'm still drooling, daydreaming, and obsessing over this shoe.. I have to have it :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Night Envi Shoe Review

Hello lovers!! Sorry for disappearing for the past couple of weeks...my life has been a bit of a whirlwind..but everything is finally settling down so now I'm finally able to return to my blog, yay!!! I've missed rambling on about my favorite shoes..and doing my Dreamlists..and of course my shoe reviews!! Today I will FINALLY be doing my shoe review for the Night Envi...ahhhh!!! I loveeee this shoe!!

Sooo for those of you who have been keeping up with my blog for a while know how much I had been obsessing over these shoes!!..they were on just about every dreamlist I made until I finalllllly purchased them...and they lived up to every expectation I had! A dream come true! I LOVE these shoes!! LOVE LOVE LOVE L O V E these shoes!! They are definitely my favorite pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes that I own. The nightwalk heel, beautiful red color, soft suede, and edgy spikes make my heart melt every time I slip them onto my feet! :)

Night Envi purchased from Envi Shoes

Night Envi purchased from Envi Shoes

Night Envi purchased from Envi Shoes

Night Envi purchased from Envi Shoes

Night Envi purchased from Envi Shoes

This is my 10th pair of Jeffrey Campbell Shoes, I still can't believe that my collection has grown this big so fast. It was just in late November that I purchased my first pair..and from there my little obsession has taken grip of my life & my bank account.. and has brought me sooooo much shoe joy!! lol..This pair of shoes, my beautiful Night Envi, is truly the icing on the cake..it is worthy of having been the monumental 10th pair. They have quickly risen above the rest and are without a doubt my favorite pair of JC shoes!! EVERY GIRL SHOULD HAVE A PAIR OF THESE..and if I ever hit the Megamillions lottery I'll buy a bunch of these for all of you :):) lol


Sooo aside from these shoes being insanely awesome visually they are also incredibly functional and comfortable too! I know it looks like the would be insanely hard to walk in..or you'd feel like you're walking on your toes..BUT that's really not the case at all they are very comfortable! They are so well designed that you really don't feel that the heel is missing at all..You feel as if you're walking in a high pair of wedges...if you are not personally comfortable in walking in wedges or extremely high heels then these shoes would not work out as well for you....I have walked on the rocky surfaces of the uneven Bronx sidewalks with these, stood in them for hours and hours out dancing, walked down hills with these shoes..and they have remained extremely comfortable and fuctional throughout it all! What more could I ask for?? NOTHING. This shoe is ALL that I dreamed of!! I am so in love!!

COMFORT: 5 (on a scale from 1-5)
FIT: TRUE TO SIZE ...if you're between sizes I'd order the lower size..

I'm such a JC Girl!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brand Spotlight 'Matiko'

Heyy lovers...so as you know my favorite brand by far is Jeffrey Campbell..but that doesn't mean that I don't like any other brands..so today I want to share with you another brand that is quickly making headway to rise to the top! The brand I am talking about is Matiko!

Yes the brand I am spotlighting today is Matiko..you may have heard of it before...maybe I am just now realizing their awesomeness..But if like me, you have been slightly in the shadows on this brand..I am going to share with you today some of their shoes that I am currently falling in love with...and a few past shoes of theirs that I love too!

This lovely Matiko shoe is the Ty as shown on Envi Shoes... this is currently sold out on most websites as the style is older...

Although this style is 'old'  this is still a super fierce shoe! I love the split in the design..from wild in the back..to sexy and chic and simple in the front!..I have been drooling over this shoe since last summer..and regret not having it in my collection :(

Matiko Ty in action.....

This little darling is the Matiko Yumie wedge ...another older style that is currently sold out at most retailers...

I just adore all of the little cutouts on this bootie..it kind of reminds me of Jeffrey Campbell's 99 ties wedge..very cute!

This beautiful colorblock bootie is the Matiko Madison as shown on Lulus

This little bootie is sure to be a standout wherever you go..I like the way they split up the colors on this shoe...& Lucky for you there is 1 size available in this style at Lulus..check it out here

Matiko has plenty of other styles that I love as well....but those were just a few to give you a little background on their brilliance//Now on to the NEW shoes.........

This beautiful little darling is the Matiko Havanna as shown on Solestruck

This little lover wasn't supposed to be available until a whole month later from now..but Solestruck got their shipment in early..I love this shoe! The color is described as light red..but in the picture it appears to be pink..I wonder how it looks in person....As you all know I am a sucker for strappy shoes and tassels and pink!!..and this little lover has it all.. and the tassel is just the right size..it gives this shoe that extra little detail that just makes my heart skip a beat..Find it here.

This little feisty shoe is the Matiko Echo as shown on Lulus...check out that sole detail! Love it!

Second up and new for Matiko this week is the Matiko Echo ..this is also described as being a light red..but still looks like pink to me! lol..I am really seriously loving the color blocking this season..and Matiko did it well! I also love the cute little tassel, once again :) ..and what makes this shoe stand out most of all to me..is the one detail no one will see while you're walking..but may quite possibly be the most interesting detail of the shoe....is the sole! I LOVE the sole of this shoe..It gives the shoe so much character! Do you like this shoe too?? Get it here.

Well that brings us to the end of the Spotlight post on Matiko today. I hope that you are enjoying their brand as much as me! What other brands are you currently drooling over (aside from Jeffrey Campbell)?

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