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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hello lovers!! Just minutes after posting my last post today..I heard that familiar sound of the UPS truck driving on my block..and the lovely deliverer left these beauties on my doorstep.. my lovelies have finally arrived!! My beautiful Jeffrey Campbell Cat Tapestry Damsels!! I LOVE THEM! They are even better than I imagined!! 
Well enough talking..time for pictures!! :)

Jeffrey Campbell you are the greatest!!!!!!!!! I am in total love and adoration of these shoes. They are so comfortable..I can't wait to wear these little kitties out!! lol.....The pictures speak for themselves..If you love them too ...purchase them here before they SELL OUT!


If someone told me I only had to keep one of my JC shoes and put the rest up for donation ..this is the shoe I'd keep! (well that's how I feel at this moment, lol) I love this shoe!!!..You can dress it up, dress it down, it's so comfortable, & all of the little kittens are soooo adorable..I just feel like the raddest girl on the East Coast every time I put these on my feet!!..love personified...Jeffrey Campbell is making all of my shoe dreams come true with every awesome design he releases!! :) ...Ohh and another aspect that I love about the cat tapestry design on the shoe is that at first glance you may not even notice all of the little kitties..until you do that second glance..and notice "Ohhh kittens, cute!" lol...These damsels definitely live up to the comfort level that Jeffrey Campbell has in all of his shoes!! I swear that's why it's hard for me to shop for most other shoes now because although some will live up to my style standard or my comfort standard it's rare that other brands hit both standards of style and comfort..But JC shoes get an A+ every time :)

FIT: TRICKY..these didn't come in 1/2 sizes on Solestruck..so I had to size up and get a 9 which fit me perfectly with tights/stockings (these wouldn't fit with socks..but I don't usually wear socks so that's fine by me..however, if you prefer to wear socks you may want to size up even further)...& if your true size is a 9 (or whole size)  you may want to get a 10 (go 1 size up)

Ahhhhh, what a beautiful day today has been.... :):)

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  1. Oh don't you just LOVE the sound of the UPS truck?! I am all too familiar with it and I adore the sound!!! It means gifts for me. :D
    I must say, those kitty prints are GORG! OMG and I can't believe they're easy to walk in. They look really high. I wanna go to the mall with you, walk around in JC shoes and break necks! These shoes surely will!

    1. Yess I do, my UPS driver is probably like "more shoes??" every time they see a pkg for my house, lol...And thanks!! I love them, they are really high but surprisingly walking in them is pretty effortless...and ohhh yes we def should!! Ohh and JC posted about this store "David Z" that sells a lot of JCs in NY & NJ, we def have to find one and go!! :)

    2. Where is that store located in Jersey?

    3. It is in Paramus..at 1 Garden State Plaza.

    4. **Update** I just purchased the JC k2 boot from David Z online..it was only $60.00!!! Score! Funny thing is I was just looking at it on Solestruck and considering purchasing it for over double the price ($129.95)...So yeah they have a million JCs and in even more styles!! Everyday I have a new shoe I fall in love with..added some new ones to my dreamlist for Thursday :)

    5. Holy smokes, I just got off that website. I like the boots you got - they are totally different and awesome for when you wanna dress laid back but add a punch to the outfit!

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    7. Yess exactly what I was thinking :) ..How did you like the site??..did you see those awesome Paulines they have??! I think I'mma buy the nude looking ones :)